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Air Safa will be connecting Andhra Pradesh capital city Vijayawada to Mumbai and Delhi. On the other side it will connect Huballi to Mumbai and Mysore to Mangalore to name a few sectors.

About Us

Air Safa Pvt Ltd., planning to operate as Scheduled Commuter Airline Operator, is a new entrant in the Southern Skies to promote business and tourism travel connecting the cities which are never been connected.

In short, we can say “Flying Close to Your Homes”.

Air Safa will be connecting smaller air strips using small aircraft which can land even airports does not have modern landing facilities. Air Safa makes it possible by choosing the aircraft to suit its route network policies.

What Makes us Different!!!

Air Safa will enable travelers to fly with us even from remote villages using mobile payment solutions, where even internet is available or people doesn't know how to use internet except for facebook and WhatsApp.

We will come to you with the ticket instantly into your mobiles using SMS based ticketing solutions.

Air Safa Experience

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Air Safa feel proud to bring people from all walks of life to fly with us and experience the European hospitality with touch of Indian culture. We welcome business, corporate and pleasure travellers on board Air Safa. Air Safa helps to realise the dream of travellers to travel with ease by supporting three class of ticket fares only and the last minute travellers will feel happy to have fare level, which will be very FAIR

Flyers will be served with food at the first instance and will be provided a better legroom. All our seats are having 32” pitch between them. Our Business / Corporate / Premium travellers will have single seat and will not share the seats thereby make them feel like special always. Flying with us will be a pleasure right from the decision to fly with us and after flying with us.